For life-long learning


Training and development activities are carried out in 4 fronts, in order to enhance our employees in line with the current and future talent requirements of our organizations:

  • Orientation Program
  • Personal and Professional Development Trainings
  • Leadership Development Trainings
  • Institutional Development Trainings

The effectiveness of the trainings are assessed in a 2-stage process. The first stage is based on the evaluation applied right at the end of the training sessions, while the second is built on the Assessment of the Training′s Effectiveness, where we keep an eye on the changes on actual behavior on part of the employees, and the reflection of the trainings on business efficiency, performed 3-6 months after the training.

We believe in helping our employees develop themselves to the fullest with a view to achieving objectives and reaching perfection through continuous improvements, and hence support them by providing chances to take part in required trainings, conferences, seminars, and other learning opportunities.