Employee efficiency secured through
the performance management system


Our Performance Management System is a systematical tool used to assess the performance of employees at all levels, and to identify the areas requiring improvement for better performance.

We assess our employees′ work results against the targets set using the Balanced Scorecard approach under our Performance Management System.

Our Qualification Based Performance Assessment approach aims to find out how the individual fares with respect to the qualification required for the realization of our employees′ objectives. Our Qualification Reviews are applied on a 360o basis for administrative staff, and on a 180o basis for production staff. The qualifications are rated with reference to their significance regarding the vision, mission and strategies of our corporation, and applicable statutes. This approach enables the assessment of our employees′ capabilities with reference to the expectations of the firm, and the identification of the capabilities regarding which improvements are required.

The results derived from the Target and Qualification Based Performance Management System provide input for our other human resources practices, such as Compensation Management, Trainings and Development, and Career Management.