Continued learning and career opportunities
with the leadership development program


The dynamic and ever growing structure of our organization offers new and interesting career opportunities for our employees.

Candidates who meet the promotion criteria are named for vacant positions to arise as part of organizational development activities. In this context, development plans for individuals are drawn up in accordance with their career plans, and the employees are provided the opportunity to gain the qualifications required for the new position.

Back-up planning is applied for executive levels, and for crucial positions where a general work experience would not suffice, where the training required takes extended time frames, necessitating expertise in the field as well as a grasp into the details of the market.

Potential Assessment analyses are applied for all our operations within the framework of our Talent Management Perspective, with reference to Talent, Will, and Commitment. The results of the Potential Assessment and the Performance assessment are taken into consideration (in a Performance/Potential Matrix) to identify employees with a High Level of Potential.

The objective is to provide for the positions covered by the Back-up Planning from within the organization by promoting employees with a High Level of Potential, rather than hiring new personnel from without.