Excellence in all processes



The company adopts the EFQM Excellence Model as a part of its management philosophy.
In order to implement the Total Quality Management culture as a lifestyle during the years of streamlined growth, current values of the company have been defined through a corporate culture inventory. Through a yearly self-assessment, our strengths and areas of improvement are identified, action plans are created accordingly, and hence process performances are consistently enhanced. Harnessing advantages offered by modern digital technologies for the sake of a more effective management of the interaction between processes, databases have been created, yielding a high-speed and reliable data flow.

In an aim to implement Total Quality Management efforts in a more systematic and participative fashion for higher and country-wide achievements, we have signed a goodwill memorandum for National Quality Initiative with KalDer, the unique non-governmental organization acting in this area to launch cooperative actions.

Our company is the first in its sector to implement the EFQM Excellent Model along with a consistently maintained and enhanced product quality concept. In 2005, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey crowned its sectoral achievements by winning the TUSIAD-Kalder National Quality Award.


As Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey we design comfortable and innovative products as well as solutions that increase safety and energy efficiency in order to produce and deliver to the world market taking into consideration the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

As Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, we comply with Panasonic’s requirements and standards as well as applicable legal and other requirements.

In accordance with our vision, mission and targets, we continuously improve our systems; we determine targets and objectives for compliance purposes in order to maintain Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Information Security systems effectively and efficiently.

From the design phase, we determine risks about Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security issues and we take the necessary measures in accordance with these risks.

Within the scope of the environmental aspects, we take the necessary actions for pollution prevention at source and occupational health and safety hazards.

We implement information security measures integrated with other management systems; we ensure security, integrity and accessibility of information.

We allocate necessary resources to continuously improve our management systems; we continuously improve our activities with the participation of all our employees and our stakeholders.