New Generation Technologies and Products For “A Better Life, A Better World”


Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey operates in its industrial facilities in Istanbul and aims to deliver innovative products and solutions that provide comfort, security and energy efficiency to the world markets and to provide a better and more comfortable life with human-focused approaches.

Together with the investment carried out in 2014, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, holding VIKO also, the leading brand in the sector with Super Brand status represents successfully its brands in the world markets by exporting to more than 60 countries and continues its leadership in Turkey.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey having industrial facilities that implemented all integrations required by technological transformation carries out R & D, innovation and design studies successfully to produce products and solutions to improve the quality of living spaces of users and to offer innovative products to the market.

In the product range of Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey; there is Electric Switches and Sockets, Group Sockets, Accessories, Low-Voltage Switchgear Products, Fuse Boxes, Electronic Electricity Meters, Automated Meter Reading Systems, Smart House and Building Automation Systems, LED Lighting Products, Professional Hand Tools, Solar Energy Panels, Video Surveillance Systems and Fire Detection Systems.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, addressing sustainability through corporate approaches and carrying out social responsibility projects that add value to the future has also ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 Information Security Systems as a result of its approach to quality, safety and environmental responsibility.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey will continue to offer products and solutions that add comfort to life in line with emerging technologies by supporting the ability to respond to changing needs of its customers with the goal of “A Better Life, A Better World”.


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